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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Eldredge, Oct 12, 2001.

  1. jest buy off the shelf...

    and 4 get bout it!

    cus i put 2getor lots of sistems...

    off da shelf is best...

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  2. hey arch,

    i buy my suits same way...

    off da shelf...

    fit real good..

    much like custum...

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  3. geeeeee...

    shud i get da buick....

    or da porshe...

    better get whad evry 1 else is...


    da byuik.....

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  4. Doug - in your case, the old adage applies -

    "Better to keep you mouth shut and let people think you stupid, rather than open it and prove them right."

    That much nonsensical blathering must come either from a shill or someone incapable of carrying on an intelligent discussion (maybe both).

    I guess buying a Corvette with your choice of available options would be "buying off the shelf"? An interesting (or at least unusual) point of view. It must be something to watch you buy a car - or maybe you build your own?

    Qwik - will email you tomorrow with some ideas on a config.

    But as far as using a cable router to trick QCharts - first off, you should have a cable router now that uses network address translation (NAT) because it'll act as a basic firewall against the 15 year old kid next door who's planning to hack everyone on the cable loop.

    NAT will let you use any number of machines on your LAN against the one IP address your cable ISP provides but won't accept any inbound connections. Each of your machines will still have to have its own internal LAN IP address. The router has an address on the inside LAN and the outside WAN and their different. Your local machines are configed to use your router's inside IP address as their network gateway address and the router will take care of internet transfers. Packets are sent with a NAT envelope so responses can be routed back on your internal LAN correctly. But QCharts will recognize the two different local IP addresses. You can't set them to the same internal IP address because then networking won't function because two machines will try to respond to messages at the same time.
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  5. Eldredge



    Archangle knows a lot more about this than I do, but I have a Netgear RT314 router that lets me connect to quicken quotes live with two computers. If I am not behind the router I can only connect with one computer. I don't know how it all works, but QQL apparently sees my network as one computer.
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  6. Rigel


    I bought a Gateway AMD Athlon 800 with a TNT2 32mb video card and 192kRam and a zip drive a year ago for about $1200. It smokes, it ALWAYS works. I can run 2 browsers, 2 spreadsheets, Qcharts, MSWord, QuoteTracker, and my broker's order entry page all at the same time with no lag whatsoever (I do have cable). Bought it off the shelf because I could afford it and I didn't want to deal with it. My son could have used my old case and drives with some new components and come up with an Athlon 900 system for for me for about $400. He's a computer nut. He says that except for running a certain few programs the AMD Athlon is the fastest, the pentium III is second fastest, and the Pentium IIII is actually the slowest because it isn't efficient with most of the currently available software, something about instruction code and L2 cach and operations-per-clock-cycle. It's greek (geek)to me. Intel also uses a different way of naming their P4's so that if they rated it the same way AMD rates theirs, they would call their 1500P4 a 1200P4. They exagerate their speed. Or something. I think.
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  7. fast


    The Dell I bought in Aug 2001 did NOT work out of the box. The CD driver was not installed. Tech support talked me though the installation, but then other things did not work. Ended up having to reinstall everything!! And I keep finding quirks, but cannot be sure they are Dell's responsibility.

    This is my second Dell. The first, which I bought from the Home division, worked extremely well. This new one is from the Business division because I wanted Win2000.
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  8. fast


    You mentioned the possibility of building your own computer. If I had the know-how, I would have done that instead of buying from Dell in August.

    I think the quality of a computer depends on the quality of its components. With a blackbox computer like Dell and Gateway, you do not really know who made the individual components.

    I like ASUS motherboards and Panasonic CD-RWs. Don't have those on my Dell.

    If I were buying a computer now, I would get a bid from A representative of this company (maybe the owner) serves as computer expert on under the name rinocanada. He REALLY knows computers and operating software, including what it takes to support multiple monitors and large memory capacity. I also like his availability to provide lots of help. It is my understanding that there are no duties on computers imported into the USA from Canada. I have no connection with him (or except for the advice he has given to me via and email.
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  9. fast


    Forgot to say I would get the bid with the components' manufacturers specified and I would ask that all empty boxes be shipped with my computer.
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  10. Eldredge -

    QQL is probably just looking at the external IP address in the IP packets when doing it's validation. QCharts must read and include the machine's local IP address as part of its login message to the server.

    I'm behind a NAT router and can't login to QCharts on two different machines (the first one's link is shut down when the second machine tries to log in).

    You used to be able to make this work by pointing the two machines to two different server farms, but they appeared to have fixed that hole.

    Probably worth a try again though since they've been tinkering with the software and may have broken it. You have to edit the ContinuumClient.ini files so they don't autoupdate and so they have different server farms at the top of the file.
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