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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Eldredge, Oct 12, 2001.

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    I also have a Logitech cordless wheel mouse that has just been wonderful! No problems at all and no cord to deal with, just batteries every few months.
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  2. LOL i can't believe it..three freaking stupid mouse posts! Gee willy gosh...forget about processor speed, hard drives, and mem...just be sure you get one of those neaty little cordless mice! LOL
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    Buck Naked = Bucky Lee = shortnfool = tradeRX
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    Lol Roger!!

    We can smell tradeRX a mile away can't we! Give it up pal, no one will ever respect you here!
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    roger2 and huby,

    Interesting you say that as I immediately drew the same conclusion upon reading his last post. Oh well, try as he might to keep hiding behind ever-changing names...
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  6. Why not go for 21" Trinitron monitor instead of a 15" LCD.
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  7. A trader needs screen space, the more the better. Dual 19's are the minimum, quads better, two pc running duals or quads best. You need a strong desk to handle the weight! My experience is most any PC works ok, your setup will be fine. It's awfully nice to have at least one broadband connection plus a backup. cable modem on one PC (with quad 19's) and dsl on the other(runnign dual 19's), now there's a set-up. I would rather have two cheap computers than one expensive one.
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  8. A 21" monitor is a poor choice. So is the 15" LCD. For the price of that Trinitron you could get two, maybe three great 19"ers AND a dual monitor card. Look at Samsung SyncMaster 955DF. A 19"er with crisp text and gorgeous graphics for $250.
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  9. ive been using a pentium II with a single 19" screen and a PIII laptop for the last 2 years.. for the most part they serve their purpose but screen space is very limited and when the market starts moving fast, my computer lags..

    so, its time to upgrade and i was surfing on Tonys site and noticed the link to TriKinetic.. i was playing with their configurator and for a P4 1.7 Ghz with 768mb memory and basic cd drive, modem, nic, 30gb HD.. they want 4698.00.. add 4 15" LCDs and you are up to 6539.00..

    now.. am i missing something or are these people smoking crack? has anyone had any experience with this company?

    i dont know very much about this stuff but from what ive read, it seems simple enough just to buy all of the parts that i want and plug them together into a computer system.. is this reasonable or would i be asking for a nightmare? i could go with DELL or another major brand but they dont offer some of the options that i want.. for instance DELL has ATI's line of video cards and i want to use dual matrox 450's.. (i read in a review that matrox is the best thing going for dual screens)..

    also, whats better.. AMD's new XP processor or the Intel P4.. and what about monitors? im thinking i want 4 19" Sony Trinitrons.. does anyone have experience with these? i saw one in the computer store the other day and it seemed pretty sharp..

    any comments or advice would be appreciated..


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  10. quik,

    you can do a heck of a lot better...check these guys out...


    config it anyway you want.

    go with the athlon.

    also, go with 17" flat panels.... not crt. prices have come down a lot.

    and get over a gig of upgrade these days.

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