Advice on getting a futures industry job

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by arwilki, Nov 19, 2009.

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    I passed the Series 3 in August and will be graduating from college in less than a month. I have sent resume's to quite a few places and haven't heard much as of yet. Do many places hire right out of college? I had an internship in Chicago with an FCM for a week this summer and have talked to them some, but nothing is set in stone yet. I figured having the Series 3 done would help, but it isn't as of yet. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas of places to apply? Any and all are welcome.

    Thanks for your time.
  2. what college? what degree?

    and why the Series 3 as opposed to the others - you want to sell commodities? CTA? Don't know how it will help.

    If not getting anywhere, you should consider taking a few pertinent Series tests, besides 3...
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    Agri Business degree. You don't have to be sponsored to take the Series 3, and I have a high interest in the futures markets. I don't need any other licenses to trade futures. Plus, you have to be sponsored to take the 7.
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    AgriBusiness - search companies like ConAgra for hedging positions or related positions that you can transition to after experience. Remember, the futures market centers around the commercials - find out who they are and how to get in. Good luck.
  5. Apply to Bunge, not sure where you live but they are growing and hiring. Just say you'll work for 2k a month or even free until you learn what they want you to do. It'll be far more effective than wasting money on grad school.
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    Scratch ConAgra, I meant Cargill.
  7. You don't need ANY licenses to trade futures. But rarely have I seen "Series 3" in job qualifications list. 7, 63, etc. yes...