Advice on data provider - historical & real-time

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  1. Hi. I live in Hong Kong. :)
    I need data to test my stratey and do analysis.
    I need to get both EOD & Intraday data all over the world, including index, index futures/options; currency, forex futures/options; commodities futures/options, stock & stock futures/options.
    For index, I mostly need DJ, S&P500, Nikkei, KOSPI, MSCI Taiwan, Hong Kong HSI/HHI.
    For currency, Australian, British, Canadian, Japanese, Swiss, Euro.
    For commodities, gold & crude oil.
    For stock, Hong Kong & US.
    It could be Metastock or ASCII format.

    My Question is:
    1) Where can I get historical EOD & intraday data?
    My criteria are:
    a) reliable (data contains less/no errors)
    b) price (as cheap as possible; or free)
    c) period (abt 5-10 years are enough; If I need to pay, it could be great if I can get unlimited update of historical data [not sure if any data provider offer this service?])

    Note: I have MLDownloader.
    I'm not sure if I can download these data from free sources by this program.
    Currently I just know how to donwload stock info from Yahoo through MLDownloader.

    I also need real-time data for day trade.
    I think I'm going to use Metastock for charting/analysis.
    Can you recommend me any good Metastock data feed provider?
    My criteria are:
    a) reliable (data contains less/no errors)
    b) stable (supply data smoothly with no delay [for most of the time])
    c) price (as cheap as possible, but quality comes first unless it's too expensive)
    Note: I need real-time data for index & forex & commodities futures/options.
    I may not need real-time stock data. But if it's cheap, I'm glad to get it too.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. just21


    Reuters datalink for eod and quotecenter for realtime both from equis/metastock
  3. Can you comment on these 2 providers?
    Are they good?
    Good customer service?
    Accept foreign customers?
    Reliable? Stable?

    Thank you! :D