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  1. Im in the process of purchasing a new computer so im looking for some advice. This computer will be strictly used for trading, im looking at building a solid workstation for right now with a fairly quick computer and 3 monitors. At the moment im not using any sophisticated software mainly I stick to etrade trader pro and market trader, I look at charts allot and news, this computer will be strictly used for trading nothing else, no games, no porn, no youtube.
    So heres my question, is there a computer I can buy right now and upgrade with a few simple mods? I read another thread where you guys say to stay away from custom builds, im confused on what I should do and I hope one of you guys can help me out here.
  2. Dell Precision T3400/T3500... HP xw4600
  3. I also recommend the new 6 port Ati card that came out. It uses the displayport but you can buy 6 adapters (displayport to DVI)


  4. Scataphagos and KINGOFSHORTS,

    i want to say thank you for both your responses.

    if i go with the T3400, are there any upgrades i should get through dell?
  5. Dell is a rock solid platform for most users. I'd reccomend buying used/refurb from the Dell Outlet over new and also reccomend not going for something that is all-out top of the line. You can upgrade CPUs, HDD's and RAM later from places like NewEgg for much cheaper than you would pay at Dell.

    Also - FWIW, Power E*Trade Pro is a java-based application which is multi-threadded meaning that you would benefit from a quad core over a dual core and that you would benefit from an i7 CPU with hyperthreadding over a non-hyperthreadding CPU.

    You don't need to go crazy with a computer but it might be worth a look at some of the more retail-focused Dells (like the XPS lines) and pick up something cheap with an i7 CPU. Usually the retail ines come with all kinds of software add-ons, etc. so just take whatever machine you get and format the HDD and do a clean install of Windows XP/7 only. If you can, try to get a 64-bit operating system and run 4-8gb RAM.

  6. LOL.. isn't his video card more expensive than the whole computer??
  7. Correctamundo! Dell is notoriously expensive with "retail upgrades"..

    If you're looking to save money, suggest you buy a "base" T3400 unit off of Dell's Outlet site. Try it for a while. If you want more oomph, replace the CPU on your own, purchased from Newegg or other. (A base unit comes with an E7400 or E7500 CPU. You could replace that with a Q9550/Q9650 and save a few hundred $$ over buying the upgrade from Dell.)

    SOMETIMES Dell Outlet has OUTSTANDING deals, but not always. If you're patient and check frequently you can get one.

    Traders don't "need" the higher power of i5 or i7 CPUs... most trading apps run out of RAM. Therefore, the CPU sits idle most of the day... only time it's used is boot, shutdown, and intermittently throughout the trading day.... CPU sits idle about 99% of the time.
  8. WinstonTJ and Scataphagos, thanks for your replies

    so going with a Dell Precision T3400 will be good enough? will the video card on the T3400 handel 3 monitors? or will i need to upgrade it to a multi-monitor video card? im going to be running 3 lcds
  9. T3400 normally comes with one, Quadro NVS 290, PCIEx16... that's good for 2 monitors, up to 28", DVI.

    To run 3 monitors, you'll have to acquire a 2nd video card... another NVS 290 would be best. The T3400's x38 mobo has a 2nd PCIEx16 slot for it.
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