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  1. Howdy all, I seek a bit of advice if you have it.

    I've been demo trading with FXCM, Oanda & MB Trading for a bit now. All that is coming along fine, albeit slow. But where I am lacking is in good charts.

    I'm looking for a good place to try out all the different pay-for-it charting packages. I'm realistic, clearly you pay for what you get. But the question is with pay charts; before I pay what do I get?

    Can y'all lead me to some resources?

    <b>Thomas F</b>
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    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to ET

    I saw your other post too :)

    There's lots of diffent charting packages out there; depends what you are looking for ...

    I just signed up for Qcharts again ... great charts (no forex yet thou - I see you are looking at forex). Supposed to be coming out soon.

    Main ones are esignal, ensign (lots of people like this one and is cheepr then usually priced packages) ... then of course theres the free charting packages through brokerage firms ie IB, tradestation, quote tracker etc ...

    Why dont you post what you want a charting package to do and then we can help you more ...
  3. Thomas, you can use a chart program from one broker while entering orders at a different broker. There'll be some variation between quotes but they'll be close enough it shouldn't matter.

    MetaTrader 4 is a very good program available from several brokers in the US and elsewhere, my preference is:
    MT4 is available as a free realtime data + history renewable demo.
    MT only forum:
    here you'll find a Large collection of Indicators and Experts — trading systems that can be loaded into MT, just make sure they're for MT4. There are several other MT forums.
    If you were to use TradeStation 2000i, Alpari have a utility to collect realtime data into TS; I can provide MetaQuotes which loads realtime + history data into MetaStock — pm me.

    Virtually all charting programs can collect fx data either directly realtime via various data vendors or Interactive Brokers for example, or via various utilities or indicators in the case of MT, I collect all timeframes data to display in Advanced GET eod via MT4, so your charting program choice is virtually unlimited and the data feed can be free.

  4. Good point, I can see there are many charts out there and the 'best' depends on my preferences. Overall I'd prefer to spend as little as possible, but realistic seems to be $200 a month or less.

    In addition to all the basics of time frames and indicators - I'm looking for an easy way to edit the indicators I use and an easy way to create new ones. I would prefer to spend as much time following the markets as possible (as opposed to time learning a new chart that won't work for me)

    Thank you kindly for the great suggestions thus far, is anyone familiar with an easy way to test out charting packages and compare their options side by side?
  5. Tradestation... simply the best for TA