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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by nitro, Nov 21, 2005.

Which Car?

  1. New PT Cruiser

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  2. Jeep Liberty

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  3. Both suck - suggest car

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  1. nitro


    I am very close to buying a car. I am down to two cars, a brand new PT Cruiser, or a used Jeep Liberty.

    I was wondering if anyone had positive or negative things to say about either.

  2. Joe


  3. People will laugh at this but I don't care:

    Toyota Sienna
    Honda Odyssey

    You get way more 'car' for the money than any car out there.


  4. yup....

    I worked as a Service Manager at a car dealer in NY for 10 years...

    I will only buy Honda/Toyota/Nissan and their elite spin-off's namely... Acura/Lexus/Infiniti..

    everything else sucks arse as far as reliablity is concerned..
  5. Babak


    chewie, why laugh? You got good taste. There are men who don't need to compensate for anything. :D
  6. Lucrum


    Never owned either one but I am on my third Chrysler product and I have driven a PT Cruiser a couple of times. Personally I didn't care for the ergonomics of the driver seat and instrument panel of the Cruiser although obviously that's highly subjective. As for body style I'd have to go with the Liberty.
    Something about the Cruiser just looks feminine to me.
  7. BSAM


    Step up and get a man's vehicle, nitro. Let your wife drive those sissy cars. I recommend the Ford F150 XLT. Ledgendary. High utility.
  8. nitro



    I test drove the XTerra a few years ago and I thought the suspension was sort of mushy. I see this one has won the SUV of the year. Thing is it looks like it might get terrible gas mileage. I like the Murano...

    I test drove the Element also a couple of years back. It was really noisy in the cabin from both road noise and the engine. My daughter veto'ed it - doesn't have normal rear seat windows that roll down.

  9. nitro



    Those are all good cars. But I test drove them and I no longer feel like I am getting a bargain for the money. Suzuki, Hyundai, etc are as good and better value imo.

    If money were no object, the Acura RL would be my choice.

    #10     Nov 22, 2005