advice on best news service (add-on for eSignal)? (for index-futs traders)

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  1. Reason I'm posting in this forum is I'm exclusively trading index-futures, mainly dax, cac, es and nq.

    We're relocating, and won't have access to the Reuters terminals that I relied on before for news-feed. As my trading is intra-day based, I'm looking for a service that will provide breaking stories of the kind that occasionally cues the mkt. - be it reports, geopolitical news etc. but filtered to some degree with a focus on equity trading like I could get with reuters (i.e. not tons of wheather info, or latest stats. on disease) but the potential market moving news. When I say filtered I also mean not too much info-overload, i.e. not the fast scrolling of dj news wire.

    As I'm mainly using esignal as my main quote and charting platform, I'd prefer an eSginal add-on.
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    You can get the main Reuters scrolling news and securities news from ,a Reuters company, from $65 a month.
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    esignal have dow jones economic report - seems to be okay.

    Edited to say sorry just read the last sentence in your post - forget DJ then!
  4. thanks for input anyhow, just wondering if any active es/nq traders have a good advice on an esignal add-on news feed that would cover the stuff I mentioned in my initial post

  5. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Effective Novemember 1st, 2005, we will launch an all-new News and Research Package as an add-on for eSignal users.

    The new package will contain the following for just $10/month:

    * BusinessWire. Used by thousands of public relations and investor relations professionals to disseminate news releases, photos, multimedia, regulatory filings and other information. News release subjects include breaking news, earnings results, product announcements, mergers and acquisitions, public policy, legal issues, webcasts, press conference advisories and more.

    * PR Newswire. A leading distributor of corporate, association and institutional information to the media and the financial community. PR Newswire carries full-text media releases for more than 17,000 U.S. companies.

    * COMTEX Public Companies (New Source!). Featuring news on publicly traded companies from more than 20 sources. Includes International content as well (all based on vaild ticker symbols)

    * RealTime Traders Pro Newswire. This newswire covers breaking news, such as quarterly earnings results, earnings pre-announcements, mergers and acquisitions, FDA reviews / decisions, economic releases, insider trading and IPOs. It also offers commentary, analyst actions and comments, stock alerts (highlighting trading opportunities), important general (non-financial) news and more. Currently priced at $25/mo.

    * IPO Calendar (New and Improved)

    All these sources of news and research wil be available for just $10/mo as of November 1, 2005. Customer notification is in process.

  6. If you are looking for a voice feed-based service, I strongly recommend . They cover both futures and equities and do a good job at a reasonable price.

    Good luck.