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    I am a beginner and would appreciate some advice/suggestions please. I reside in the UK and have done a bit of spreadbetting on the FTSE100 and Forex. My problem is time as I have got a full time job. I am looking for a fully automated system that I can use to implement daily trades on spread bets on the UK FTSE100 and and some Forex currencies. I want the system to be able to monitor candlestick charts and at the right signals implement the required trade (all done automatically). I am based in the Uk and so want a system that is compatible with UK spreadbetting companies. Cheers
  2. You want someone to just give it to you?
  3. wow why didnt I think about just asking it is so much easier than trying to work it out yourself. I will have one as well please
  4. LOL - welcome to ET

    Beginners get a special allowance. When you've been here a while they'll tell you what they think of your mother as well

    Yea I'll order one too - let me know when you find it.
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    It would appear some people have completely misunderstood me. I am not asking for someone to "just give it to me" whatever that means! What I am asking for is some advice/suggestion from people who have experienced using automated systems which they think can reliably deliver my requirements. I do not want to pay huge amount for a system and then find out it does not deliver what I want. I registered with GFT because of their proclaimed automated system, and subsequently found out it dose not support daily spread betting. I considered Metatrader4 and Ninja T, but found that trades have to implemented through brokers like in America, and would appear they can not be used with spread betting companies in the UK. All I was requesting was some guidance in the right direction, not freebies from anybody, nor sarcastic comments. Thank you!
  6. Please use the search button located in the top-right corner of the ET web page. Use words "automated trading" or automation, or any other combination of key words. You will find plenty of advice and suggestions.
    Welcome to ET.
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    Many thanks Maestro. May be I posted this in the wrong section in the first place.
  8. OK, well apologies if I seemed a bit aggressive. I sometimes get frustrated by the stream of 1-post members asking for a freebie in terms of strategies or systems. If you just want some guidance that's cool....

    I am also in the UK (London). I have never heard of an auto-trading system that works with spread-bet sites. I'm not even sure if many (any?) spread-bet firms have an API to allow automation at all.

    Besides which, I would be very surprised if you find an effective automated trading system for sale or being given away anywhere (whether for spread-bets or regular executuion). I am auto-trading some of my models and building something that works from scratch is very difficult (or at least I found it that way) and few are willing to sell their product. If you do find one for sale, let me know. I would pay well for something that genuinely works...
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    I've spent a lot of time testing automated systems. Finally I had to conclude that watching the screen was about 10x more effective. I've only looked at the index futures in that regard. Going into relatively undiscovered territories like spread betting may be a good thing to do.

    Good luck and happy trading.. I would check with all the brokers that offer what you want and ask about an API. If they can't talk intelligently about it they don't have it :D
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    Many thanks all for your advice.
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