Advice on a deal at Prop firm

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ksonsinc, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. Well i was wonder if this deal is a pretty good deal or what
    0.004 per 1000 shares every thing included
    95 % pay out
    5K dep
    No desk fess
    training but volume done is less 300K have to do more volume later on
    mostly Nasdaq
    is this a decent deal or is it a rip off and what in your opinion is a good deal - ?
    thank you
  2. not a bad deal for only 300K in monthly volume.
  3. Wow, .004 for only 300k a month. Thats really good.
  4. Something shady with that deal. If it's mainly NASDAQ, and ISLD and other ECN's typically charge 3/1000 just for themselves, I can't imagine a firm is only making 1/000 and giving you everything else for free. Are you sure it's not 4/1000 +ECN/DOT? Unless, they are teaching you to be a liquidity trader, then it may makes sense. But who wants to be a liquidity trader, that method went dead years ago.
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    sorry about hijacking your thread but if you put down more say...20k 0r 25k would your deal improve??

  6. i assure you it ain't .004 all in no ecn fee's on naz. many people trade 90% of the naz by hitting the bids that means the were makes only .001 per share almost not enough to pay the clearing