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  1. So if somebody wanted to learn more about the markets, would it be a good idea to get a job as a stock broker in order to get this additional knowledge? Or would attending seminars and classes be better?
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    if you just want to learn more about the markets, i'm sure anything will do.

    but if you want to learn to trade, you just have to do it. I'd'heard this in the past, and it just sounded like such a disinterested comment. I didn't want to believe it.

    Its not only the truth in my experience, but its common sense. Nobody would suggest you read a book on tennis to learn to play tennis. If all you wanted to do was "learn more about tennis", you could probably do just about anything aside from the activity itself and achieve that goal.

    You just have to take the plunge

    good luck
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  4. Not sure what you are talking about. I didn't say anything about learning how to trade. I said to learn more and get additional knowledge. Reread my post. I have been trading for years. I want to learn more. I was asking if becoming a broker would expand my knowledge. I know how to trade. Been doing it for years. Traded stocks, bonds, futures, currency, options.
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    Short answer: they are not going to want you.
  6. If I wanted to learn more about how the law works, do I have to go become a lawyer? No; just pick up some books on the subjects that interest you.

  7. What makes you say that? I have just as much of a change as getting hired as anybody else.
    How do you come to your conclusion that I won't get hired?
  8. What you said makes perfect sense.

    I have a whole library of trading books. I think my trading system is flawed though because I only win 50% of the time. So I thought that if I got a job as a broker trainee then I could make my profits better and win more, because I am around the atmosphere every day instead of trading by myself in my home office.

    But your advice is good advice. Thank you.
  9. You could always put up 5k at a trading firm if you want the atmosphere and other traders around you to bounce ideas off of.

  10. A broker is a salesman. If you want to learn more about sales, become a broker. Your day to day activities are focused around production, not learning about the stock market.
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