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    I have been trading for 3 years now with some success, I am self taught and that can only get me so far. I'm curious as to the effectiveness of prop firms in making better traders, I'm also wondering how difficult it can be to get into these firms.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. A plain old prop firm won't make you a better trader, unless you learn on your own seeing and hearing what those around you are doing.

    It will should give you access to better rates, rebates, and capital to trade larger.
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    Yeah that's the plan...what are your thoughts on that?
  4. FWIW.... all of our traders are connected every second of the trading day with their direct manager/mentor/team leader/group etc. Several online groups for various teams and strategies. I feel that this interaction is just as important as the computer you use.

    Every morning we connect with all the traders via what we call "Teamspeak" - cover the days numbers and news etc. Tuesday meetings every week after the close. We really push the "Team" concept.

  5. Does Bright have any offices in the NY or NJ areas?
  6. It's the even tempered people that make money day in and day out. They probably won't ever tell you what they are doing, just keep a casual eye on them.
  7. Not at this point, but with the online interaction, it seems to pretty much make up for it.