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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by iel781, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. iel781


    i'm a former trader from London who has been out of the game for a few years but is looking to get back in in the not too distant future.I'll be trading from home rather than an office and have never used the broker route before,and am looking for advice as to who are the better brokers out there.Obviously the cheapest aren't always the best but cost will be an issue(naturally).I'll be trading dax futures mainly,occasionally dabbling in bunds in relatively small size.Any feedback greatly appreciated.
  2. Mvic


    best bet. I got my start in London in the mid 80's and then moved to Chicago. I've been using IB for 2+ yeras and found them to be the best of the bunch and should suit your purposes quite well, also can recommend Refco whom I also use.

    FYI IB is not know for their CS but rather their execution, reliabaility, and low prices. Refco is better with the CS but you will pay for it. I am by no means a techie but both platforms are pretty easy to use and you can get plenty of help online too if you run in to problems.

    Good luck.
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