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    Hi ET Community!

    I've recently stumbled upon this wonderful community and I have to say that I am very impressed with the amount of knowledge that has been shared on this forum. As you may have noticed, this is my first post and therefore I feel like I should shed some background info in order to foster a better answer.

    I am currently a full-time commerce student studying at a university located in Toronto. I am fascinated with capital markets, and I wish to pursue a career in investment management upon graduation. My investment experience comes from managing a $20 000 student investment fund and interning at a wealth management firm.

    With that being said, here is the advice I seek. I currently have $10 000 in an RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) and I wish to trade essentially two products: One, have an account with questrade and go long on equities and ETF’s, and two, have an account with(whatever you recommend) firm and trade 1 Emini contract at a time.

    Now, I already have a broker in mind (questrade) for going long with equities , but I am still searching for a suitable futures broker that would allow me too:

    • Trade Emini contracts with a Canadian account
    • Register with a RESP or TFSA so that I can minimize on taxes
    • Have a good trading platform with real time data to execute trades properly.

    So with those three points above in mind, what broker would you recommend? I would also be interested in using a separate trading platform to do technical analysis, and one platform to execute trades on. What do you guys think?


    What are some of the best brokers to trade Emini contracts for
    Canadian clients? I would rank these following qualities: Commissions->Trading Platform-> Allow TFSA and RESP accounts.

    Thanks and I appreciate all your efforts in advanced!
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    Okay maybe I am coming off as lazy as I have not got one reply yet. Therefore I want to say that I did use the search and did not find the information I seek for Canadian clients.

    Therefore, let me rephrase the question: For the canadian clients out there, what broker do you use that allows you to trade Emini futures? What was your experience like in terms of order execution and trading platform?

    Thanks again, and I appreciate your efforts in advanced.
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    Check out IB,