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  1. I have no programming knowlege. I am familiar with tradestation easy language programming and can create my own analysis formulas.

    I came across couple of websites: and They have "strategies" they lease on a per trade fee basis or per month fee basis. Supposedly, the strategies can be used to auto trade with any of several brokers. Their tack record boasts profits of as much as 200% annualized.

    Does anyone have any experience with any of those? If yes, which "strategies" from those websites would you recommend? Or any from other sources.

    If somebody does not mind sharing their own formula / set of criteria for the buy / sell orders for E-mini S&P, that would be appreciated too.

  2. Auto Trading programs requiring no programming ---> NinjaTrader
  3. The only way to get a profitable strategy is to the hard work and develop your own. is one funny site. The first system in the list of strategies only has a maximum drawdown of -237.34%. I'm not aware of too many brokers that let you go much past -100%.
  4. Does Ninja come with already built strategies that one can use to trade? Are there strategies available elsewhere which can basically be copied into NJ. I have seen many of these "Black Box" services on line which will autotrade for you upon your authority. One thing they are pretty expensive, steep monthly fes plus per transection fee etc. Secondly the account holder really has no control on the account.

    I contacted couple of such "managers" who list as much as 300%+ annualized profits and asked for a "real account" performance recoed. Both declined.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.
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    I think some of the "black box" systems are really basic stuff inside, like cross over moving averages. stochastics etc.
    Legally not scams BUT really not so far short of being so. What we don't understand we tend to overrate and they capitalize on this fact.
    Another fact that scammers use is the notion that the more expensive the product is, the better it is. Not so !
    If they cant prove results then leave well alone imho
  6. Why don't you just cut out the middlemen... and print money?

    I'll bet no one has thought of this before.
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    I've been using Ninja for a couple of months now. While they advertise it as not requiring programming experience you will find that just about any kind of intraday strategy beyond the very basics will require you to unlock the programming and start adding code yourself. Also, It's very heavily geared towards futures traders.
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    I use which has moving averages, keltner channels, bollinger bands etc.
    there is no programming or drawing lines on charts even but it is the expertise of the practiced traders eye that makes all the difference.
    What exactly does an expensive programme like ninja trader have beyond this ? It makes claims but isn't it the case that it is still up to the trader to make the decisions ? All the programs that I have seen that claim otherwise always fall back on the old argument when challenged that it is the trader's fault if profits are not made.
    So they are to my mind admitting that the program just shows pretty pictures that some can try and interpret.
  9. Humpy, you are right. I am currently trading by keeping an eye on the charts. However it is very difficult to keep looking at the screen every second. For day trading those turn arounds are very important and if you miss the first few bars the probability of a good trade becomes less. So i am looking for something that can give me ability to set alarms/ alerts based on indicators to alert me to those events.

    Anyway, I am also looking for some cheap but profitable system / strategy that someone has already put together.
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    Hi automated,
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