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Discussion in 'Trading' started by UK2004, Feb 24, 2002.

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  1. e_shadoe


    If only u could be Bud Fox. At least he got himself some nice ass in Gordon's Limo. Is that what really interests you little Nicky from 2nd year at school. Little Mercedes. They impress you don't they. You wish you could have one or maybe two so that you could get yourself a nice trophy wife to flash around. People here haven't figured out that your just a little boy who watch too many times Wall Street. How many times Nicky. Tell everybody the truth. We want to know. Information is power.

    Tell us how many positions you ever had in the market. Please tell us how you managed them and how your blood flood through your little veins when your position started to melt. The problem is you probably couldn't tell any of us here "daytraders" as you so kindly refer to us (most of us a probably not anyway, and tell us the difference between a daytrader and a fx trader, please, size?) because you simply have never put your money to the test.

    There are thousands of little boys each year that graduate wanting to be Bud Fox, and only a few make it. There are millions of little boys who want to be Gordon, but he didn't graduate. You will be neither. Do you know why? Because you have demonstrated your skills right here on this board, and the verdict is simple: you flunked. Better keep your money and open yourself an Ameritrade account and start getting your feet wet. Who better yet, you seem like the perfect candidate for a job at Wal-Mart selling TVs.

    See U Bud Fox

    p.s. I know someone who drives a brand new top of the line mercedes and he barely has a pot to piss in? You don't seem to know the reality.
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  2. e_shadoe


    wasn't going to forget your comment either. u simply have to know if your in a Bull or Bear market. right.

    and NO one really blasted this comment. a few have made comments but nothing remote to how stupid that sounds. hey, I have a better STRATEGY for you RTHARP, listen closely, this is the SECRET to all trading, even better than yours, are u ready???


    p.s. can you beat that one
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  3. e_shadoe


    When the stock is going down: SELL HIGH BUY LOW

    that's the
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  4. UK2004


    Well daytraders in the Uk are merely known as these people that saw the dot come revelation and the 90's bull market and said wow I want to get into the 'stock market' adn they did, they either went to firms who le them trade their own dough or the firms or set up nice little adsl connections in their homes and started to trade taking minor profits along the way, only problem is they needed the capital gain they couldn't even capture a spread as they were not market makers and had to trade in piddling tiny amounts. FX dealers however, senior dealers I am referring to will trade 100-500 million and beyond may hold their positions for a week at the most often and are making real money not piddling day trader money. Also I am ont that concerned with the car, I travel to school every day in a Mercedes my pareents own 5 cars including two cars I really don't give a shit.

    Anyway lads, two weeks from now I shall leave a message here saying if I got a response from my first twenty curriculum vitae and covering letters. In response to someone saying my punctuation and grammar is poor, well I am doing education, sport, kung fu and other things hardly have time to care about spelling, punctuation and grammar. However, you people are posting during the day when you supposedly have these enormously leveraged positions now how on earth do you have the time to check your SPG. here when you are watching over massive positions, now you really are incredible!
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  5. Do you consider daytraders here in America making $500,000 a year piddling?
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