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Discussion in 'Trading' started by UK2004, Feb 24, 2002.

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    Does anyone know if you can find out who the top foreign exchange traders are in London. I saw 'Wall Street' and thought of targeting some the way Bud Fox did Gordon Gecko although Gecko was a wealthy private investor not a market maker.

    Many of you will remember my previous posts, I have managed over a period of many many hours in front of this computer to compile a list of 80 heads of foreign exchange traders in London, I have 20 more covering letters to do, I have tailored each to the specific firm I am applying to. I am planning on making my follow up call 5 days to a week after they receive my covering letter and resume, is this about right or should it be quicker or longer?

    Is there any ranking lists for these traders ie who has the greatest profit and loss in foreign exchange or is this just accessible by headhunters? Also I am thinking of staying in spot foreign exchange as you make the most trades there is a lot of pressure, ie it is exciting and very competitive and there is not the Maths that there is in trading. However, how much are the top proprietary spot forex traders pulling in a year, is it anything near what the currency derivatives traders are making? I have read that senior dealers at Royal Bank of Scotland Financial Markets trade between 100-500 million dollars at a time and at Citigroup the world's biggest in forex the senior dealers trade 1 billion dollars! Clearly they must be pulling in enormous bonuses.

    Any comments on the above will be appreciated, also how long does it take to become a fully fledged trader in foreign exchange, obviously a lot depends on performance, how fast you respond to what you learn while an assistant and junior trader.

    Thank you for your time reading this and your advice.
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    Anything on the above?
  3. UK2004


    Does anyone have anything on my first post?
  4. UK2004


    Just wandering why there are no replies from anyone at all on my message? Is it something personal to me or has this message board gone down since I used it, it used to be real quality stuff I learnt a lot from people here and appreciated it.
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    As I'm posting this there have been 319 views so far of your thread without a reply. Obviously no one has an answer for you, so no need to keep pushing it, and no need to take it personal. Reminds me of the question: "What part of NO don't you understand?"
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    No problem it is just if you look at my previus posts a huge discussion got going not quite the same with this topic I see.


  7. Ever heard of Bill Lipschutz? Pm me please on some personal questions.

  8. UK2004


    $250,000 a day for 8 years he averaged,great Salomon fx trader of all time, the man who coined the phrase "insane focus" yeah you could say I have heard of him! Why do you ask?
  9. I will repeat some of what was advised early are seeking out a dream from "yesteryear" as there are very few in that side of the business. I want to encourage you to embrace your aspirations, but it might be easier to take up the guitar and compete with Britney's boyfriend.

    On a serious note, can get corporate listings for most global banks and brokerages via the regional (euro) exchanges....this may help..

    FX trading is controlled by the banks and the traders themselves do not make the big money anymore...(yes a few do, just like a few garage bands turn into NSync)....evidently your last venture did not pan out too well....and I am sorry for good luck, and think a bit about a minor course change...get into the back office, then the trading desk, block trading desk, or even go to an exchange for a while...start networking that way...

    Just trying to help :)

  10. Don you trying to tell us about your favorite music/bands in the above post ?????? ...:D

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