Advice -moving from IT to trading floor

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by sergio_serban, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm working for 6 months for one of the banks in Toronto-Canada supporting the applications used by the trading floor, as a system analyst-developer( I spent 12 years in IT) . Specialized in derivatives and I’m knowledgeable of the products used on the floor and took couple courses.

    The bank has dealer trainee program for 12 months, 12 hours per day and later if you survive you will get a job on some trading desk.
    I met all the requirements and I have one manager on the trading floor who might help me to get in. I’m 38 years and trading for the last 8 years with a discount broker.
    I love to work as institutional dealer(trader) for this bank- capital markets.

    ** Should I live my IT job-37hrs per week and start working 12hrs per day ?
    ** How much newbie (dealer) makes per year , working for one the big banks?
    ** How much these guys are making per year?
    ** After couple years of working on the floor is easy to move to another institution?
    ** I didn’t see to many jobs in this area?

    Appreciate all info regarding this thread