Advice me something about investments

Discussion in 'Trading' started by RichKid, Aug 9, 2012.

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  2. Go back to your dorm room and do your algebra homework. :( :mad:
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    Im just learning and dont laugh how dumb it is I made first step and why you so sophisticated you are communist or something ?
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    I do not believe he was laughing at "how dumb it is", I presume he was remarking on how lazy people can be... nothing to do with political affiliations...

    2 second's of effort

    Side note: I am amazed he didn't comment on your grammar. In addition, when asking for assistance, snide remarks usually don't motivate people to help you.
  5. 1) Are you from Hunan or Szechuan province? :confused:
    2) Do you attend Rutgers or Syracuse? :eek:
  6. I'll send some money to your PayPal account near Christmas/Hannukah/Kwaanzaa/Boxing Day. :cool:
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    16 year old believes he can beat the market; he does not understand vertical option plays, what naked option selling is, what revenue growth is/means, and cannot write proper english to top it all off! He also gives money management tips in his spare time....

    Dis gon' be good
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    great advices thanks for investopedia i really lost this beautiful site will more practice on my passion and will look after more info thank you ;)
  9. Follow money for reaching good smart here on this gorgeous site.
    Remain hope on your search for passionate practice with benefits to you my friend.:D