advice me a platform for a full automated MM strategy?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Imba, May 25, 2009.

  1. Imba


    Hello guys :) Can you please advise me to take a look at some eaxct trading terminal which may fulfull my needs please.

    Here is the deal.

    I trade (intraday\shortterm bias) a few instruments at once. Mostly ES, CL, GC, Euro\Usd and few other currencies.

    Well im fine when i have 1-2-3 opened positions at once, but is some nice sell on buy signals goes from a lot of instruments, and i jump onto the market, very soon i`ll catch myself onto some trouble.

    For example, is my opened positions list looks like that:
    CL short on XX price
    ES short on XX price
    e6 long on XX price
    GC short on XX price.....etc.

    i have 2 problems.

    Little problem #1.

    My actual trading station (NinjaTrader) is quite unfriendly to an overall PnL opened positions calculations. So, basicly i need to take colculator or Excel or colculate overall PnL of all opened posions manually. gay thing really (((

    2nd.... BIG problem.
    Is a money management.

    For example again, we have 4 opened positions on different instruments:

    ES -627$
    CL +9100$
    E6 -27$
    GC +57$

    mkay... grab a calculator.... count an overall PnL...oohh jeez while i was calculation, the market run away again )

    So, closer to the deal of possible automated money management UI.

    Is there any trading platform, on which i can involve such fully automated trading EXITS?


    IF: overall PnL on all opened posisiton reach XXXX cash To do: go flat on ALL positions.


    IF: overall PnL on all opened positions reach -XXXX lose (cash)
    TO do: go flat on all positions.

    So, in another words its like ussual Take-profit\stop-losses order, but in a way of usin in on whole portfolio (all opened positions overall)? Any ideas which trading platform may do that?

    The best way, if the platmorm do have such options by defauld. The lesser way, well.. at least in which platform its the easyes way to program such "exit strategy" ?

    ANy ideas? Thoughts? Advices?
  2. edbar


    CoolTrade only trades U.S. Stocks, including ETFs. It does not trade Futures. However it is fully robotic, is all point-and-click and has an indicator called something like TODAYS TOTAL PL.

    You simply put this rule on the Exit Rules (tab-5) of the Strategy Wizard, and it closes all positions when you have reached your goal.

    Here are the rules, (by tab):

    Open Position Rules (Tab2):

    Todays Total PL is less than $500

    Close Positions Rules (Tab5):

    Todays Total PL is greater than or equal to $500

    Additionally, on the Profit Goals (Tab6) you can simply enter a profit goal of x% or an amount per share and the trader will automatically close each individual position as it reaches it's individual profit goal.


  3. tickzoom has that builtin to the ExitStrategy object as a property of your strategy.

    The ExitStrategy object has properties like MaxLoss, MaxProfit, DailyMaxLoss, DailyMaxProfit, Weekly*, Monthly*, etc. (plan many others).

    It uses the Performance object which maintains many properties of the PnL and other stats updated for every tick (or bar) so you can easily make your own more sophisticate exits strategies.

    So to do what you mention above you just write:

    Performance.MaxProfit = 500.00;

    It does the math internally and exits automatically.

    HOWEVER, while it has portfolio trading, it only supports one symbol at the moment. Plus it's difficult to become a member and or even get a demo of the software.

    Surely, somebody can recommend a platform that already has that builtin and supports multiple symbols.

    TZ will have multi-symbol support in a week or two and open a window for 5 new members to apply. If you can afford it and haven't found a solution, you could apply then.

    I wish you success.