Advice highly appreciated: dtniq or mytrack

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by peugeot205, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. Hello fellow traders,

    I could do with a bit of help with the following issue please. At the moment I use esignal real time as my data feed but I think they charge too much for what they offer. I am looking for a data feed which offers accurate data for a wide range of exchanges. I am not bothered if they lag by a minute or two but I do want it to be accurate. As I often spend time studying charts on an end of day level I want to see as few bad ticks and spikes on the charts as possible. With this in mind I have narrowed down my search to mytrack and dtniq. I can use these with sierracharts and quotetracker respectively. Could someone kindly tell me which is the better feed for my use :- mytrack or dtniq ?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. If you can tolerate the occassional lag, I'd take a look at QCharts before I made my final decision.
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    If you trade intraday for a living, you cannot afford to be looking at crap. I cannot overemphize the importance of getting accurate fast data.

    Believe it or not, IB has the best feed for ES/NQ/YM. For equities and options, and to backup futures, I would go with RealTick.

    If $200/M for data is too much, you are probably under funded.

  4. THANK YOU very much for the courteous reply AAA which I have taken note of .

    I use esignal real time at the moment but even for a well funded end of day trader its not really necessary to have so thinking of binning it and giving the money I save to charity or something on those lines.
  5. Does anyone know if dtniq have unreliable data laden with spikes, bad ticks? If it did it would make it unusable for me.
  6. Mytrack is generally very solid. There have been problems in the past (previous day data sometimes missing) but it has not happened for a few months now. Data feed is as fast than the IB feed and there are many affordable software compatible with mytrack (sierra, amibroker, investo rt, aiq trading expert...)
  7. thanks for the feedback sptrading . Good man
  8. You're welcome / Avec plaisir