Advice from traders on working for a firm much appreciated!!

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Ialwayslearn, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. How did you or does one get their "foot in the door", so to speak with a firm as a trader or become one while you are there?

    A bit of my story......Fascinated by markets and the numbers at age 6. (31 now) Studied and "played around" for years paper trading and actual trading as capital allowed. (approx. 8 years actual) Worked extensively on the psychological aspects of trading and finally found which trading style fit me. Sought the help of a veteran trader who helped refine my concepts on methodology and found that it was exactly what he traded for over 30 years. Although the system I trade is nicely profitable, I don't make enough to live off of it based on my account size. Not to mention I would like to work with other traders.

    That being said, I don't have a college degree, I am self-taught with some limited mentorship, to which I am eternally greatful!

    Any advice or thoughts you could give on working for a firm or getting a job with other traders would be greatly appreciated!
  2. FutTrd


    well bud, its obvious you don't know how to trade successfully

    what happened is that you didn't take it seriously and maybe still don't

    do your self a favor, take it seriously like a real LIVE or DIE business and after that you won't need to look for a job

    oh and considering that you are now starting seriously, give yourself at least 4 years

    you know that saying, truth hurts but it also sets you free
  3. Thanks for the reply FutTrd.

    You said "obvious you don't know how to trade successfully." What do you mean by that? By your tone it sounds like you mean more than just making money and managing it to live and trade another day.

    Is it the brevity of my post or the light-hearted tone? If so, this was done to spare readers the joy of a long boring story and detailed accounts of what I've done.

    I do understand you saying I won't need to look for a job, but that is the type of environment I would like to be in. Sitting in a home office being the only trader I know (with one exception) can be a bit of a bore. I like being around people with similar interests. Face it. If this wasn't true for everyone on this board, there would be NO board.

    I take it as LIFE or DEATH because that is precisely what trading is in it's purist form. It took awhile for me to mature and come to terms with the fact that this is what I AM and was born to do. I tried everything to get away from trading to see if it was in fact right for me because I know how hard it can be. It is, however, what you make it. I love it! So perhaps it's easier for me to get kicked in the teeth month after month until the next big move comes than it is for most. I trade my system and know that when it's ready, the market will pay me for my work.
  4. Same here. I am the reinventor. No college. Started as a retail broker many moons ago. They said I could never move to "Sell Side" trading from retail broker. That was 5 years ago. Now they are saying i`ll never be able to move from sell side to buy side. I have the opportunity to interview with a mid tier BD with a prop desk. And i`m wondering how to parlay my various career moves (resume chop suey)into an actual resume (lololol..) prior to the interview.

    Good luck to you.