Advice for upgrading to XP from Win2000 Pro

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by no_agenda, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. If doing this is it better to do a clean install rather than upgrade?

    All I have on my computer is trading software and the usual Microsoft Office applications.

    What about driver issues? How about DSL connections? Are they affected in the transition?

    Also, XP Home or Pro? I'm not networking anything, this is just my home trading station platform.

    Basically, how "seamless" a transition is this if doing the upgrade instead of the clean install?
  2. no way to do it other than clean install.everything that works on w2 should work on xp.
  3. gnome


    "UPGRADE from XP to Win2K"??. Most here would think the upgrade would be the other way around. (I have both, and prefer Win2K.)

    Like vhehn said, "fresh install" only. All of your cards will probably work, but you should check their websites for most current Win2K drivers. I would think all of them would be different from the XPs.
  4. I'm no expert but I did an upgrade from 2000 pro to xp pro and it was totally no sweat and everything works great. xp has all the drivers you will probably need and it's all done automatically. The only place you might run into a problem is if you have an old vid card that is not xp compatible, for example an S3 or appian J2.

    I'm not sure why one would want xp pro or home. I have them both on different computers and they seem basically the same. Not running a net, only cable modem/router.