Advice for trading Quadruple Witching day?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by reno4nook, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. From a day traders point of view?

    Any wise veteran traders wish to educate me on what conditions to expect?

    I know volatility could be high.

    Is there a site that shows realtime intraday totals of how many index puts & calls need to exercise before closing Friday?

  2. Expect massive amounts of volume, with little price change.
    The adds/deletes in the Nasdaq-100 Rebalancing might provide some volatility, however.
  3. ?????....................Buy dips, sell rallies & expect record volume. It'll be a "chop-chop-fest"
  4. could be a non event. Given the current state of the market, my guess is that it is just that.....a non event.
  5. Here's some advice,
    Grease up, and grab your ankles, in the meanwhile
    I'll do a post Friday at 2:10 pm EST and let you know what's going to happen.
  6. ozzy


    Trade the first few hours and then enjoy your weekend.
  7. cnms2


    There'll be lots of noise. If you trade a system: better stay out. If you're feeling lucky: gamble.
  8. cosmic


    asked myself the same question this morning...the volume should be above average & if you have decent, conservative signals then take them...I probably gonna call it day around lunch...

    take care,
  9. Truff


    GO TO THE BEACH!! Especially if you cleaned up last few weeks.
  10. Go play golf - it's going to be 90 this weekend here in NY so the PM's will be long gone before the close; don't forget the Open in Mamaroneck.
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