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  1. hi guys,

    I want to paper trade S&P index futures. Can you recommend a cheap chart service as well as a good paper trading platform that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg?

  2. Open E Cry charges ~$25 a month for their platform and charts. Check their site, all the details are on there.
  3. Open a trading account with a broker that offers a simulator for free.

    This is the route most take when starting new.

  4. dont blow up
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  6. Usually if you open up a futures account, they'll include a simulated trading one too. Most times you won't even have to fund the real trading account, as to not tempt you to trade it.

    Here is a list of CME simulators that can work. I think they generally have a 30 day trial if you're not a client.
  7. Try Amp can demo/sim NinjaTrader for as long as you want without opening an account. Talk to a broker and they'll hook you up with passwords once you've downloaded NT. It says 30-day demo but they'll keep extending it for as long as you need.

  8. Also,

    You could do Ninjatrader for free (they do free simulated trading without a data feed) and get free emini and ECN quotes from OpenTick.

    This would probably be the best solution if you didn't want to pay for a simulator/paper trader or get hounded by brokers after signing up for a trial.
  9. this is all so confusing...

    but, I don't know if I want to do futures. I think I will stick with stocks.

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