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  1. A primary distinction in career paths is in choosing the "salaried" employee path, or the "entreprenurial" path. There are benefits to both.

    Most salaried positions have limited life-spans anymore, and you can see the results almost daily (layoffs, cutbacks, etc.). And starting your own business does require some initial capital...which can be a deterrent, and yet the overall risk seems to me to be less. If you work for yourself, in your own business, then the bad management of others won't cost you your job/position. On the other hand, you do have to actually make a profit ...weird concept, eh?

    I would suggest you ponder whether you want to work for yourself (garner up some capital, etc.), or choose to work your way up a corporate ladder.

    When you make that decision, then the alternatives are narrowed considerably.
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    Don, yet again thanks for your input, I have to admit the freedom of self employment is very attractive... :cool:
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    Working for yourself CAN be extremely boring.
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    Thanks for that insight.

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    Dear God#9

    There is one question in my prayers…

    What happened to previous 8?

    Yours truly
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    Devil 8, God 0?
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    Hi Everybody this is my first post on the elite trader forum. I would like to know if someone can toss off the name of some trading firms in San Francisco. What I do now for a living has nothing to do with the markets so I'm probably only qualified for clerical or admin work. I don't really care because I've got a deep interest in trading and if that is what it takes to get closer to a change in my career then that is what I have to do. I'm looking for trading firms that actually trade. Not brokerage or discount brokerage firms but firms that actually trade. (Equities)


    ps: I've thought about Worldco and Bright and would actually like to visit the firms just to check them out for some inspiration. But I really need a stable paycheck of some kind before I can think of leaving my current job..

    Any suggestions??
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