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  1. Hello,

    I am looking for a developer to help me code a Java or Python program to use Etrade's API for automatic stock trading. Do you guys have any advice for finding such a person? Not even sure where to begin honestly. I've checked Fiverr, but people on there seem to be focused on crypto, not stocks, and definitely not Etrade.

    Any pointers would be super helpful!

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    Without revealing anything proprietary, what are your requirements for the program in addition to using the ETrade API to open/close trades?
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    what are you willing to pay?
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  4. Actually nothing will be that proprietary in this program. All proprietary stuff is handled by a scanner which I already own, and that dumps matched names into a text file. This program would have to read that text file and make the purchase using limit orders. There are other considerations, like a do-not-trade list, and some nuances as to how to set the limit price for buys and sells.
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  5. That's another area that I would appreciate guidance on.
  6. ZBZB

    ZBZB search on automated stock trading and you will find lots of people.
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  7. I'll try this, thank you
  8. fan27


    So, this is a very doable project and can be accomplished without spending a fortune. If you can meet the requirements without needing real time data it will be even more simple.
  9. Cool, thanks! I think I will need real time data in order to place proper limit orders.
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    best advice just don't
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