Advice for a young trader

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ssbc19, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. ssbc19


    I've been reading threads here for a while and I'm looking for a little advice.

    I'm a 19 year old freshman finance major. I started traded about 2 years ago. Since then I owned Apple, Google, Deere, and Raytheon and was making a small profit. But I didn't know what I was doing and sold them all way too early.

    About 4 months ago I started trading more actively with mixed results. I had some nice winners, but a lot of small losers and I was losing money.

    The style I've found works the best for me is swing trading. I want to get an account with TOS but I don't have enough cash. Right now I'm with TDameritrade but I only have a cash account. So if I put on 2 swing trades I need to get around 1.75-2% before I'm breaking even.

    I really like TOS and their software, but should I consider other cheap brokers?

    Any advice or input on my situation would be really appreciated.