Advice for a high school grad about to enter college

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    I got an email last week from a high school grad that wants to be a trader. He is about to enter college and wants to do something this summer to prepare for internships.

    I really dont know what to tell him as I doubt any firms I know could use him.

    What would be something he could do this summer?
  2. Ask him if he's willing to trade/gamble with his tuition money. Then tell him to get a job at a restaurant or retail store. :cool:
  3. I suspect much depends on the high school graduate's own drive and determination to become part of this business. How he contacts people, how he identifies potential employers and his willingness to live far from home to attain a job might all play a role in a hiring decision.;_ylt=AlTUVD3s7VejqBdC8sGavAf6Q6IX?source=SRP

    "The SIG Assistant Trader Program develops qualified candidates for trading positions across the firm's market making and trading businesses. Assistant Traders are introduced to the financial markets through a combination of practical work on the trading desk and theoretical classroom study."

    "The dark pools are definitely going to grow; the wild card is any new regulation," said Dmitri Galinov, director and head of liquidity strategy at Credit Suisse's advanced execution services, running the bank's CrossFinder dark pool.

    High school grad might write to Mr. Galinov and ask his help in finding a summer job in a trading environment.

    "Goldman's Sigma X was the largest in April, followed by market maker GETCO's Execution Services, and Credit Suisse's CrossFinder."

    High school grad might seek and identify trading contacts associated with Sigma X.

    The Zerohedge article mentions Dave Babulak and Jon Ross as management of GES and GETCO. High school grad might write to them and ask about summer work.

    And maybe there is a summer job available at Treasury associated with the TARP program.
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    he accepted a credit analyst role at a BB. Favor from a friend of mine.