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    Hello!:) I want to learn how to program so I can analyze market data. I want to do things such as finding the average daily volume of an instrument for the past _x_ days. What languages do I need to learn to accomplish this? Can it be done in Microsoft Excel? For data source I would try to use either Google or SterlingTrader...
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    If you want to learn to program than you need relativly simple and versatile programming language. Currently MS C# is getting more popular and if you learn it than C++ and Java are are very similar. C# has good literature and help and it is free (express edition).

    If you want to do simple things than VBA/Excel are sufficient but it has limits and migrating to another coding language is more difficult.

    Simpler than C# is Visual Basic and both are similar especialy behind the scenes.

    And do not forget Maryna.
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    Thanks to everyone! I appreciate it.:)
  6. No one really ever find anything profitable by analyzing data (meaning open / high / low / close) data.
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    really? i can show you a tens(if not hundreds) of profitable setups at open price (only if they allow us to get into a trade at those prices)

    how about open away from couple flat days? common...if you can't find it-it doesn't mean that it's impossible..
  8. It can be done in Excel but I prefer R by a long shot.

    See for many examples.
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