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  1. Hey ET tech support. Im in the market for a new desktop computer. I have a macbook pro for personal use, so this computer is strictly for trading. I have been looking for a cheap rig for that sole reason. My question is would the dell inspiron with i3 processor be suitable for the job? Also im looking to set up three 24 inch monitors. Would this computer allow for that? if not what grapics card would be needed? Thanks a lot i have been searching google for hours and im still confused about windows desktops/graphics cards.
  2. "Suitable for trading" mostly depends upon how many monitors you want to run.

    The Inspiron has 1, x16 slot... from which you should be able to run a quad-port video card. (I say "should", as some budget mobos won't run certain quad cards.)

    You also MIGHT be able to run 3 monitors... IF the mobo will run both the onboard video chip + a dualhead video card.... If you want to go this route, you'll need to try and see if it works. Often when you mount a video card, the computer shuts off the onboard video.... sometimes you can turn it back on to use with the video card... sometimes you can't....

    Best Advice... If you're sure you want to run >2 monitors, don't get an Inspiron or any other computer with a budget mobo... having only 1, x16 slot + onboard video chip. Instead, get a mobo with at least 2, x16 slots.
  3. do you want to do retail or do you want to trade.

    these guys know the biz.

  4. those stands/monitors are so over priced it's sad to know they are still in business.

    Ergotron DS100 quad stand (eBay) - $100
    Dell Outlet 20" or 22" flat panel monitors are $129 or $145 each (x4 = $516 or $580)

    ^^^^ Quad monitors for less than $750 shipped vs. "" charging up to $2,800 for the same thing.

    OP - with regards to a computer, you should be OK but approaching the absolute upper limits of the system if you go with what you mentioned.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys! From what I'm hearing I need to choose a mobo with 2 slots. Can someone recommend a computer?
  6. thanks marcopolo!
  7. So long as the mobo has at least 2, x16 slots.. .it won't matter much which you buy.

    If you want a "build to order", check out and at least as a reference as to value for your $$.

    Another excellent choice is a Precision T3500 from Dell Outlet.

    I just checked Dell Outlet... they have a T3500 w/Xeon W3565 CPU (3.2 Ghz + Turbo Boost), for $799. That's a decent price.
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