Advice about new computer for scalping on Sterling

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by rhamos, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. rhamos


    I wish I had found this forum before I purchased my new computer. I thought I had bought a really good one, but after reading a few posts on here (especially lucky bastards advice) I am a little confused. I have been trading for a prop firm for over two years on a fairly old computer (2 core) dell. I will now be trading remotely using the same sterling software. The computer I bought is an acer aspire m5620 with the following specs:
    ram : 3GB DDR2 SDRAM
    hard drive : 500GB 7200RPM SATA
    processor type: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
    processor speed: 2.4GHz

    It is supposed to be super fast, which is very important to me as I am mainly scalping as well as scanning for stocks constantly. The computer I am using right now is pretty good, although I have experienced slowness in the past (I think they added memory). I am hoping this will be even better . Lucky bastard mentioned in a previous post that sterling is multi threaded (?) and that the processor speed is important . I will also be using windows vista premium, as you cannot apparently purchase the xp any longer. So far the software seems to be compatible (have only set up layouts not traded). I have heard there may be some issues with this also?

    Not very good with the technical stuff, so I am hoping someone here can advice me as to whether or not this computer will be fine for what I am doing.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. mnx


    Unless you plan on using the API and trading hundreds of symbols at a time, you current setup is more than adequate. Even if you intend to do that your current setup is probably fine.....

    I've got a Core2Quad Q6600 as well, (mine is overclocked to 3.3GHz). Works really awesome.

    - mnx

  3. JB3


    That's a fast setup, probably one of the better ones. The only concern is if Vista is compatible with all of your software. Besides that, it looks good.

    If that was my setup, I would have a total of 4Gb high quality ram (matched pairs 2x2). Also, I would use a Raid1 hard drive setup, which uses 2 hard drive, basically all your data is stored on 2 hard drives, if one goes down, the other is your mirror backup.
  4. What did you do to "overclock"?

  5. My understanding is that Raid1 slows the computer down, although I like the idea of a backup on the 2nd hard drive.

  6. mnx


    i just changed the settings in my bios...
  7. rhamos


    Ok I think i am going to downgrade then. Sounds like 70% of people hate vista and I dont want to take any chances. I found out I can just take my pc in to a computer servicing place and they will downgrade it for me. I can buy xp pro through them. Is there a specific version of xp pro I should get ? I looked at work today and I am using xp pro 2002. And the ram on my computer here is only 1GB and 1.86 HRz so it looks like my computer at home should be ok.

    Thanks to all who responded!
  8. bespoke


    Your computer will be more than fine. At this very moment I'm running sterling with a couple of charts with T&S/L2s and taking in an API feed for 300 stocks running 5 automated strategies which require a great deal of calculations.... and all on an old 1 ghz centrino 11 inch tablet with 1 gb of ram and its super smooth. I'm actually quite surprised as it's my first day doing so.