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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Sell 'em, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. This is to complain about how an advertisement page interrupts whenever one navigates from one page to the next. At first I could deal with it occurring occasionally, but now it is every page, and simply eating too much of my time and patience. No other website I visit pushes advertising onto its readers.

    Simply put, I must dramatically cut back my viewership here ... perhaps just stick to 'Daily Hottie.'
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    You've probably got some spyware/adware on your computer if you're seeing a lot of pop-up ads or other intrusive ads.
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    I never have an "advertisement page" come up when I go from one page to the next - sounds like a problem with your computer.
  4. Ok ... I'm concluding it has to do with my piss-poor internet connection. (I'm on a somewhat remote mountain hillside in what is still considered a developing Asian country.)

    It is not pop-up ads or a virus.

    When I navigate to a new forum page, the bottom activity bar reads 'tranferring data from ...' but the only part of the page that loads is IB's banner ad at the top. If I navigate 'back', then I get the page originally targetted. And it doesn't always happen frequently, but very sporadic.

    Just an intermittently poor connection I think ...
  5. That actually happens to me on occasion as well.
  6. same here.

    I've pretty much thoroughly scrubbed the computer for any virus/etc... from head to toe, but often need to hit the back button to re-load pages stuck on loading ads. Firefox 3.012

    It could possibly have to do with FF/flash ad-blocking, but bearable. Just chiming in to let you know you are not alone.


    edit: just read somewhere there is a bug in firefox/older flash player combos.
    Downloaded flash 10 and the problem is gone.:)
  7. Well, I just updated my flash player but the problem still recurs intermittently. Oh well ....
  8. you should be running malware programs like AdAware, Spybot and spywareblaster + a firewall like ZoneAlarm. Also, try different browsers. Some are IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome