Adventures of a Trader 2

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  1. Welcome back! :D . It's been 10 months sinse my last journal

    post from my old journal Adventures of a new trader

    , and I've returned to start a new journal focused on Forex. I

    dont have much in this real money account ( but i paper trade

    too), so I want to put this out right now:

    1. I know stops may be too big for my acct size (usually 30-50 pips) This generates big % swings, but I cant do much about it right now. No, I'm not going to stop trading.

    2. I know risk/reward ratio my not always be a perfect 1:3. If the setups are successful, thats all that matters


    My Method

    I'll be placing my trades off trend line analysis, as well as

    . I wont trade the day OF news, because of the volatile,

    and unpredictable movements, unless its a scalp for 30-100

    pips. 50% of my trades are intraday, and 50% are swings..this

    is unintentional as the holding time for my trades is really

    unlimited. There will be three types of trades I will be

    making, and they are simple in nature:

    * Trend following - buy/sell.. short/cover off trend lines
    * Breakout/ Retracement - Wait for a 30-50% retrace before entry
    * Scalping News - long/short from important economic news releases.

    Because the markets are 24hrs a day, I might not post my PnL everyday.

  2. C- kid

    C- kid

    cash kido I will PM you

    you are not moving in the right direction over time
  3. Forgot to add from my last post that I'll also be trading overbought/ oversold levels.


    Forecast for the week


  4. .

  5. And how would u know Mr. I registered May '08 ? You another poster w/ 10 different handles ?
  6. Here is where I stand right now before trading starts this

    sunday afternoon. There should be 3 tabs in the excel document

    I've posted.

    News releases this week:

    sun --> NZD trade balance

    mon --> NZD inflation expectations

    tues --> USD new homes sales

    wed --> USD durable goods orders

    thurs --> GBP Nationwide house prices
    --> USD prelim gdp
    --> NZD building consents
    --> bernanke speaks
    fri --> CAD gdp
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  7. LONG 1 AUD/JPY @ 99.15
    STOP 99
    TARGET: 99.3

    Retracement to 31.8%
  8. out a/j 99.23
    +8 gain
    - 3 spread

    PnL +5.00
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  10. C- kid

    C- kid

    only reason I got new name is cause MODS kicked me for joining anti SCT group

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