Advantages of trading futures

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tommo, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. tommo


    Hi all,

    I have successfully traded spot forex for a number of years but am interested in learning more about the world of futures.
    I'm sure each product has its own personality but what in your experienced opinion are the advantages of trading futures over the spot market? (not necessarily regarding forex)

    I have heard some people argue the spot market is more open to influence outside the realm of supply and demand (i.e prices being manipulated) i can see this could possibly happen as there is no centralized forex exchange publishing no reliable volumes and governments can step in to fix their currencies at certain levels. HOwever i have always been under the impression futures are more volatile and therefore more prone to dangerous price spikes

    Would you say futures markets are more level playingfield for speculators? Any other advantages futures have to offer?

    Many thanks
  2. nealvan


    Futures on what specifically?
  3. Richard Kontra

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    If you are interested in Trading Futures such as mini s/p, nq, russell, dow and currencies I can offer you a live market demo.
    It is good way to see if trading futures is even something you want to do? You can test any methodologies without risking capital. Let me know if your interested. There is no cost or obligation. Good Luck
  4. tommo



    As for which futures, initially i was thinking currencies as this is what i am experienced in but if there are better contracts to trade in your experience i would be interested in hearing your suggestions


    thanks for the assistance, i'm currently looking at a platform at the moment after getting to grips with this one i will have a look at yours to compare,

    Many thanks,

  5. Richard Kontra

    Richard Kontra Global Futures Exchange <br>& Trading Company

    No Problem Tom, Just send me an email when your ready.
    Have a great day and good luck