Advantages of Homelessness

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  1. " .......The freedom is awesome. It is also somewhat daunting. It is hard to be prepared for so much time on your hands. In a strange way I felt a kinship with prisoners. The time can draw out and overwhelm you, so don't be surprised by this experience. Depression can sometimes attend this amazing freedom. In the end, the freedom to do as you please is addictive.

    There are advantages to homelessness. You are no longer slave to a wage......
  2. ummm yeah right. i'm sure if the loser were offered a home, he'd turn it down because, as well all know, being homeless is the ultimate american dream. :D
  3. If it is offered a home w/o becoming a slave, he would be a fool to turn it down. His point is that he chose homelessness for the freedom from wage slavery.
  4. There is no place like home. The first financial resolution that I made in life was to buy a home and I did. I can still feel the relief I felt when it was paid off six years later. Owning your house outright is real freedom.
  5. Maybe in a country where there are no property taxes.

    And if no income taxes either.. that would be real freedom.
  6. Eight


    people think that you have to have an address to function, you have to have a credit card to function... it's ridiculous... you have to have a bank account to function... it's boring what many people think. My address is a commercial POB, I could do all the banking I need to with a prepaid debit card in a kiosk at a convenience store if I wanted to, and about one more insult from the bank and I'll start doing just that... personally I don't like the feeling of not having a home port to go to at night but really, I could live in a camper van and do everything I currently do... I've owned houses and rentals, there never was much of a thrill in that for me, I'm the same person whether I own the place or rent a room...

    The central coast of California is the best area to be homeless. The weather is good and it's very wealthy. I like to walk down State Street in Santa Barbara and talk to the homeless folk, I'm like them really. Many understand that you only need a little to live well. Too many of them are drug and alcohol addicted though but catch them when they are not messed up and you can have a good conversation a lot of the time... I get dirty looks from all the "upright citizens" [stuck up assholes] that don't want to encourage panhandling but if the homeless folk don't ask for money they can't be busted for it so they don't ask, they just strike up friendly conversations with people.. they are appreciative too... it's an education just to learn all the stuff that you don't EVEN need to function and be happy...
  7. Imo, if you want to read about the homeless, this is the only book you'd need for insight on the life. Take a pass on what the sociologists write.

    Cadillac man was a regular guy, regular family, walked out on his wife and kids for reasons we all can relate to. People helped him long the way but the guy was always on the edge of burn out.

    We might feel "hassled" by the homeless, there's a whole other group of people who target the homeless.

    ps. He might be on you tube, also.

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  10. Homeless are still slaves. They still have to spend a certain amount of their day standing on the corner begging for money so they can eat. Homeless men also pretty much have to go without having a girlfriend or wife and the 1 or 2% that actually CAN find a woman willing to be homeless with them, they can not have children with them or the state will take them away.

    Depression comes with that "freedom" because it doesnt feel good to be a lazy bum. Thats why so many homeless drink and do drugs, so they dont think about how lazy they are.
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