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  1. I've experience "miracles" in the form of many interventions in my life that cannot be explained by coincidence. I think just about every Christian in my church would be able to say the same thing, especially those who have been Christians longer and had more time to see God working in their lives.

    I know there are a lot of churches that claim miracles falsely.

    However, I also know that it was from going to prayer meetings and seeing how some of those who prayed ended up getting answers that were way beyond what would be likely events to happen, that I began to understand some of the interactive relationships that God desires to have with people.

    One person who influenced me was a woman whose husband had left her with 5 kids. She prayed about everything because she desperately needed "miracles" for herself and her kids just to survive. I think it was because she was a believer and prayed in such desperation that God did so many things for her. I knew her well when I was a still a kid. One of her answers to prayers was that God would protect her kids from her husband...she didn't relate all the details, but did share that when he left, she felt that this was how God answered her prayers for her children's protection. One of her prayers throughout the time I knew her was for the restoration of her marriage and salvation of her husband. I really thought she was a little crazy to keep praying for those things and wondered why she didn't give up on him. I saw her years later, after her kids were grown and she told me that her husband got sick and moved back in with her. He was not a believer but she took him back and cared for him until he died a couple years later. Shortly before he died he became a believer. Now, it's true that each of those things I just listed could have happened apart from God: a husband can leave, a husband can get sick and come back, a husband can become a Christian. So, I suppose someone reading this will think nothing of it. However, since I knew her, and it's not like these were the only things that she told me about that God did for her, she is someone who I believe has truly experienced many "miracle" in her life. I shared that to show that it's not just me that believes that God is working in my life. There are also many others who believe that God is actively working in their lives.
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    The religion of the bible is true for some, that is they believe everything therein, but everyone has a different interpretation. There are numerous branches of christianity, I'm happy they are happy in their beliefs, the brain is like that, we can believe whatever we like but that doesn't make it truth.
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    Phony Christianity with phony relationships to God, they can't do anything, say anything, think anything without needing to refer to the bible which is their idol, their god.
    I haven't heard yet one original thought from a christian, its always.... "The bible says...."
    Bible has complete mind control over cultists.
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    The bible mentions gold frequently, how 'precious' it is.
    Oh the irony, LMAO. You just can't make this stuff up.

    Gold is one of the most useless commodities. Its real life practical usefulness's are limited to:
    Used as a coating to make something look more attractive than what it is, a fascade.
    Used as jewellry, a thing of show, vanity, adornment. As a vane display of wealth.
    Electrical conductor used on switch contacts or circuit boards. To spread a message.
    Mostly used as a storage of wealth, inert, does nothing, pays no dividend, sits in the dark, closed up, expensive storage of large quantities, a liability as its only worth what the next ponzi mug is prepared to pay for it.
    Highly traded, highly manipulated, constantly pumped by the media and dumped to suckers, gold is just a worthless relic of human imagination as to what its worth.
    Gold is highly marketed by 'salesmen'.

    Basically gold describes christianity in a nutshell, excuse the pun.
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    Lets analyse the con of christianity for a moment.
    God created Adam in God's image according to scripture.

    One would assume this means perfect, without sin.
    But we have one little problem, Adam was created gullible, able to be deceived, open to con artists. So Adam is perfect but given choices, a free will.
    Did Adam sin because of being conned, or sin because of disobedience?

    If disobedient, Adam must have had a a shit relationship with God to want to follow evil rather than good.

    Anyhow, lets assume Adam was conned.

    What does that say about us today?

    What it says, all humans are fallible to being conned.
    Christians who are so damned right about everything, are probably amongst the largest group to be conned.

    If we are created to be gullible, how come we get punished for that by the creator?
    If sinners are off to hell, so are the conned christians.
    Never mind about the great con job of being saved through ticket machine Jesus. :)
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    The old testament came from the Jews, but Christians have a different belief, the christians are right as usual, they know more about the OT than the Jews. lmao. :)
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    Trading is probably one of the most healthiest occupation for christians.
    I've been stock trading (directional bets) for decades, I financially support 2 people, but my initial win rates when placing bets is still only mediocre at best.

    If a christian can be honest with themselves (a very tall order) they will have to acknowledge that being right about the future, being right about how humans think and react is fraught with errors.

    Somehow, miraculously though, the bible is directed from God ......"so everything I believe is right because I'm guided by God. Meanwhile, millions of other religous people are wrong, and the billions of unbelievers, well they are off to hell so who gives a fuck what they believe."

    Meanwhile, christian parasites still depends on these unbelievers who sustain the christians way of life.
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    Religion and trading have a lot in common.

    Noobs enter in and don't know what they are getting into.
    Noobs enter in, and immediately believe they are right, have the answers, think that life is simple.
    Once in, you get carried along, going deeper down into the rabbit hole.
    If noobs are taught by other amateurs, they will most likely live their life with false assumptions.
    Trading noobs believe in indicators, christian noobs believe in miracles and prophesies.
    Trading noobs cling to trading gurus for instructions and guidance, christians cling to their bible and church ministers for guidance.
    Trading noobs often go bust numerous times, christians will go bust when they wake up dead and discover God is not what they thought He was and clung to all their wasted life.
    Trading is fun but can be painful, likewise christianity.
    Most traders can't relate trading to non traders, most christians cant relate their beliefs to unbelievers.
    Traders live in hope, so do christians.
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    Human nature is human nature, it can't be changed, or it may take hundreds of thousands of years to change. Human nature infilitrates all of society.
    Where there is wide ranging power there is control there is corruption.

    All religions suffer from this, they are not immune, neither is christianity.
    Christians say christianity is not a religion, "'s a way of life". That's delusion.
    Christians obviously believe their church is corruption free. That's delusion.
    Christians believe the bible was written/inspired by God. More delusion/trickery.
    The bible, centrepiece of christianity, has been hacked around and manipulated since day one, corrupted, it's all part of human power and control in which it is extremely effective.
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