Advantage Futures?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by bearcats1980, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Was clearing MF up until last week and now considering opening up with Advantage. My other option is to sit it out for a little until the dust settles. Anyone have any opinion on the matter or on Advantage Futures?

    This probably belongs in another section on this site but I know there are some pretty big locals who read some threads here and wanted to get others' takes on this. What are you guys doing?
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    Advantage is very good, so is Crossland, RJ O'Brien, Rosenthal Collins Group, Dorman, Cunningham, Kottke, etc. - there are about a dozen really good Chicago firms.

    Some of these firms will lease you TT or CTS on a per trade basis with a monthly cap, which is a smoking hot deal.

    Park a T-Bill registered in your name in the account, and wire in margins as needed. You will be good to go.
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    i clear advantage. top notch IT support, customer service and great rates.
  4. Advantage has DMA to Asian derivatives exchanges?
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    not positive but i dont think so
  6. What are you doing in the azuki beans and silk worms? :confused: :cool: