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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ScalpGuy, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. ScalpGuy


    Any customers of this firm reading this please tell your comments about the company.

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  2. hprop


    I've been with Advantage since this spring, and am pretty satisfied. It's not really for retail traders though - it's geared for professional traders with exchange memberships.

    I think I could have squeezed them more on commissions, but I came from trading with IB so I'm of course happy either way. They're very competitive on Eurex pricing.

    Their margin policy is negotiable, but since position size should be more a function of money management and trade expectations it's not important for me. I have the limits for spreading the products I'm working with, so I'm not complaining here. I'd be surprised if you'd get 500 dollar NQs though if you're planning on trading outright.

    I have a server at the Equinix facility, and this is pretty stable. There was a couple of problems in the beginning, but for the most part it's been working well. Their tech staff is knowledgable, polite and try their best. They have 24h tech desk during the week, but during Euro hours it's just one guy I think. They just have offered or are about to offer proximity hosting in Frankfurt as well. I think Deutsche Boerse charges a fortune for that though, unless the prices have dropped this year.

    I did have some nasty problems in the beginning, which took a while to fix. It was related to fill reports from Eurex products, and I was often left filled with no confirmations, forcing me to call in to the exchange and find my net positions.

    They have a wide range of platforms; Cunningham, CQG, Ninja, and Orc. Maybe Pats also, not sure. I use TT Pro, no experience of gateways down to CBOT, CME or Eurex.

    So all in all, no reason not to go with Advantage - very service minded client relations and risk department. And very good relations with TT if that's your platform.
  3. It's more of a proffessionals firm vs a brokerage.

    I know a few traders there. They are happy.
  4. bone

    bone ET Sponsor

    Great firm for mainstream exchange-cleared products. I used them for three years.
  5. ScalpGuy


    Thank you very much for the info.

    I think I will try them (best way to find out how they really work).

  6. Hprop:
    I have a very active NinjaTrader based Blackbox. I am currently with IB. I am going to lease a seat at the CBOT.

    I am considering Advantage for Server hosting or T1 direct link. I assume I can get from them timely data to drive my systems without having to go directly to the exchanges. I would appreciate anything you can tell me about your experience. .
    Your comments would be appreciated
  7. i used them for 3 years, servers went down on my maybe once every 4 months for a bit (their side) but other than that was fairly reliable. always got limits updated quickly when i wanted and no trouble with money transfers of any kind. also support xtrader which is nice.