Advantage Futures - best commissions i have ever seen

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    I am not a client from Advantage Futures, but all i can find in ET about AF, sounds realy good to me. It seems they are specialized on the X-Trader Platform, and technicaly they should be top notch :). But what surprised me so much was the commission table they send me today. Never seen commissions like that. Over 10.000 contracts a month (5000 RTs) you pay 0.05/side (ES future)....over 20.000 0.04
    Clearly its not for the trader with 2cotracts an 5 RTs a day, but who makes Volume...
  2. I get $4.10 RT for eminis from PFG, but I don't do 5,000 per month, so I doubt unbundled pricing would benefit me.
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    0 100 = 1.00
    101 1.000 = 0.70
    1.001 2.000 = 0.50
    2.001 5.000 = 0.30
    5.001 10.000 = 0.20
    10.001 20.000 = 0.05
    over 20.000 = 0.04

    per Side without Exchange fees
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    sorry forgot: all numbers are traded contracts, not RTs
  5. They have pretty advertising here in Chicago on Bus Shelters.
  6. If you are willing to pay for X_Trader Eagle Market Makers starts at $0.40 per side plus exchange fees. That is the lowest first contract commission I have ever seen. You would have to contact them for volume breaks.
  7. They are pretty competitive with FX Spot as well - starting from $18/mio. USD down to $13, volume-tiered. They offer HotspotFXi either via XTrader/TT or normal Hotspot frontend.
  8. Is it just me or does the price slope seem to move too steeply? 20,001 RTs = $800.04 total comm, while 1,999 RTs = $999.50 comm.

    More is less?
  9. You are reading the volume break commission schedule the wrong way. Each lower commission only applies to the contracts over the volume break, not the contracts below the volume break.
  10. Sigh. Can't believe I missed that... and not to mention they are just transactions, not RTs like I mentioned as well. Thanks.
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