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  1. Looking into getting advancedGET from esignal. What are your thoughts on the program from people using this or the original version? I trade forex mainly.


    I have beeing using this program for 2 years with eSignal. I think it's an excellent software and I found a great staff.

    In eSignal there is a Forum and the esignal file share where you can find any support and file to study AGET.

    This program can help you to find many opportunities of trading, on any time frame you prefere, also for forex.

    I'm happy to use it.


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    "Advanced GET Elliott Wave Analysis is not a good approach for success. Why? Advanced GET relies on market predictions. Market predictions do not work. There is no evidence that Elliott Wave analysis does anything. Be careful. Nice charts, fancy diagrams, and colors galore do not mean future profit."


    Are you speaking about your personal experience, or are you doing any promotion?

  7. The Elliot functions may work for daily stock charts - I don't know - I'm not an investor... , but it is possitively dangerous for intraday futures. If you are looking for waves 3 and 5, then good luck - as soon as you get there it's re-calculating yet again and you will have almost no chance of pinpointing them to take them out.

    IMHO the Elliot waves stuff is to be avoided.

    The Pivots function is good. XTL is good (after you have played with it and calibrated it to what you are doing, and understand how to read it) - The blurb and 'strategies' are positively misleading and should be ignored, but spend some time setting XTL up and getting the settings right for the timescale you are using, and understanding where the real entry/exit points are (as opposed to the published ones) it is a very useful tool.

    The drawing tools are quite good fun, and sometimes even accurate (speaking as an intraday futures and stock trader here). The Gann Boxes are interesting but not much more use than that to me.

    However, I think it is a good selection of tools and worth taking the time to find out if you can use them, or how useful you can make them for you. I would say that in order to find real use and worth in them you will need to study how they work, then ignore that completely and think outside the 'box'...

    I should say at this point, that I don't usually trade with indicators anyway (I do't like indicators - they just clutter up the cahrt needlessly...) so maybe I'm biased and expect too much, and I havn't even looked at them from a longer term perspective. But I've been trying them and am going to keep them for the xtl and the pivots markings. Even if I never use anything else, they at least are useful to me, and othesr may find other things useful to them.

    That's my opinion for what it's worth...



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  9. I tried elliot and a advanced get subscription a few years ago in my "search" for a trading method.

    Elliot is potentially interesting, but that is about all. A nice mental exercise in market mass psychology, but one that has a great many rules that change along with the price action. Wave counts get rewritten constantly. Advanced GET has some nice charting features, but if you are looking for its elliot drawing primary feature to trade with you should watch your stops carefully. A good example of this "moving target" with elliot is to observe the websites of and They are wrong as often as they are right despite being long term educated followers of R.N. Elliot himself.

    I think you can do as well with the basic eSignal. If some of the advanced charting features of advanced get seem interesting, many of them are available from eSignal add on vendors such as Jan Arps, Jurik, and especially for a much much lower fee.
  10. A very subjective Trading Method in my opinion,it looks good in theory but when when you have to trade with it in RT its a different story.
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