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  1. I want to move to a new broker(s). Three of the brokers on my shortlist are IB, ELocal & AdvancedFutures (not in any particular order of preference). The pros & cons of IB are well documented on this site, unfortunately one can't say the same about the other two. Incidentally a thread has been started for ELocal:

    In the same spirit, can we have your opinions about AdvancedFutures?

    And please no plants!! I always look at earlier posts of a poster (and advise others to do the same), and for that reason I know that Canadian-dude's and mhoev's comments about ELocal can be taken seriously.

    Many thanks.
  2. Whamo


    I am also looking into changing my future's broker. I emailed both AdvancedFutures and eLocal (among others).

    AdvancedFutures response was a 1 sentence response for a 2 part question that didn't get fully answered. My first impression w/ them was abrupt and not enticing at all. If they can't take the time to give a potential customer the warm fuzzies what are they going to do when I have an issue as a customer?

    eLocal's response was much better even though they didn't answer all my questions in the first email. But their response was multiple paragraphs that contained 2 attachments directly from the CEO. It contained his name and number for me to call him if I had additional questions. He ended up answering all my questions satisfactorily via another email.

  3. I guess some people want their hand held? If you are an experienced trader, then what your looking for is platform dependability (and speed ) as well as price. Advanced fits the bill for me (ex-IB trader who was happy with them, just wanted a faster platform, which gets me in trouble because of the ability to click,click, click and overtrade).The clearing firm is first rate and very professional.
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    No Plumber, just believe in first impressions.
  5. If first impressions were always right ( I never found right so far) people would stay married, friends would always stay friends and enemies would stay enemies.If you go looking for a new vehical do you change your quality preferences depending on the salesman (if there were only five different dealers to choose from) or do you get what you want to pay for?
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    I use AF and really like them. I also used elocal and IB and found AF will work with you. Short responses I did get a few times, but they answered the question completely, so for me short is better :). As an active trader, I need dependability, quick phone response and great executions at deep discount. AF gets 5 stars out of 4 for all of these factors that help me achive success in the markets. Just my opinion.....
  7. Mdmbud,
    How long have you been trading with them?
  8. AlterEgo,

    I'm not very sure Mdmbud should be taken seriously. Of his/her 9 posts since joining at least 75% have either praised AF or knocked IB! Draw your own conclusions!
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    Sorry my posting seems to be biased, but I am sharing my opinion on strings that were started by others.

    I trade anywhere between 200-500 mini's a day and need reliability more than you could imagine. I like AF and after spending over 5 years searching hard for a broker, I finally found one I liked.

    Are they perfect? No....

    But I do like them.

    Also, I will be honest, I am pissed at IB and do not mind adding my two cents about them. When their systems went down and I could not exit a position, I called them and was placed on hold for a long time. When you actively trade and have large positions, this is a nightmare. When the guy finally answered, he moved slow as crap and was upset that I was rushing to close 4 positions immediately. He then told me "That is why we require you to sign and agree to the contract that does not hold us reliable when systems go down". He is right, but this is the last darn thing I needed to hear after losing over $10,000 due to their system, not the exchange, going down and THEN BEING placed on hold. If I were treated with a much more friendlier and understanding customer service, this would not have upset me so much.

    Although this was only the first incident. The second time this occurred, I moved all my money out immediately!

    And you were the one who asked "In the same spirit, can we have your opinions about AdvancedFutures? ".

    Please do me one favor though. Open an account with E-Local and let me know how good they are.

    And yes, you should not listen to people who post a lot about a company. Instead please go and listen to someone who only trades every now and then and only post once about a topic. This makes perfect sense.

    After your experience with elocal, please let me know how well thy work for you. BTW, also let me know if they give you a discount below their current rate, if you are an active trader. They said no to me.....

    Best of luck SProbability