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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lojze, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. lojze


    Which one do you use:

    Ts2000, Qcharts, Erlanger, ....

    And why?

    Do you also use any API software?

  2. Qcharts cause its cheap, reliable (now), and has all the basic stuff I need. Trendlines are especially easy to use.

    I have used many of the high end products in the past. They were overkill. (I've used TS, FutureSource, Aspen Graphics, E signal, and MetaStock)

    BTW, I don't back test anything.

  3. First define what is advanced charting?

    I don't think qcharts or realtick offer advanced charting (for example, no formula language...)

    Instead, you should have put wealthlab, ensign, amibroker, cqg, metastock...
  4. jester

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    with custom add-ons they've created for our traders, we absolutely love it for charting. I still like TS6 to though, especially for back-testing.

  5. He didn't say "advanced charting", he said "advanced USERS of charting software".

    So presumably he's asking for comments from users who have been using some kind of charting software for a long time.

    Lojze - please confirm your intended question.
  6. lojze


    Yes, really, I am looking for an information which charting software is the best for advanced USER?

    Jester, can you give more info?

  7. lojze


    A lot of readers opt for "other".

    Which "other"?

  8. I just thought that advanced users of CHARTING software where interested by advanced CHARTING, which is my case.

    So, I think that he has not picked the right software in his poll.

    Myself, I use AIQ Trading Expert Pro (which is probably not the best but suits my needs as I am looking for custom indicators and color coded studies).
    I have also used CQG (which is used by professionals and not very popular among retail traders because expensive).
    I guess that those who have voted others use wealth-lab, ensign, amibroker, sierracharts.... which have all good ratings in the software section of this forum.
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