Advanced Trading Workshop

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  1. Any one having comments
    on Advanced Trading Workshop?
  2. Don't waste your time and money. It's one of the most expensive training outfits both in terms of startup costs and also the recurring costs if you decide to buy some of their additional services which they offer at hugely "discounted" rates. You can spend about $1000 a month on their rooms. This is after you have spend more than 10k in the initial cost.

    The lead mentor and the man behind the show has been trying to get his real time trade room off the ground for more than a year now and has had no success what so ever. You will be very frustrated if you pay $400 a month for a signal room and end up with 1 ( or less ) trade a week. Hard to imagine students making consistent money if the lead mentor can't find trades himself.

    The above is based on my own ( very expensive ) experience with them.
  3. The two of "you" must have the same I.P. address. :mad:
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    Why is it that those who come here to either praise or trash any particular service are ALL newly registered posters? Damn, sure feels like I've entered the piker's twilight zone, only through the back orifice.
  5. Let me get this straight. In order for me to post my 6 line comment I went through the trouble of registering two accounts, posted the initial message, stopped everyone else from posting a message for 12 days and then used my second account to post my cleverly crafted real message. Did I get this right ?
  6. You must be attending Penn instead of Penn State. :D
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    Ditto that Rob. Keep your money, also a former subscribers opinion.