Advanced trading and technical analysis books (not listed on ET)

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  1. I'm having a problem deciding on my next book targets for trading and technical analysis, and was wondering if anyone could provide me with some insight; any information helps. My funds are a bit limited, but these are the books I'm currently looking into:

    Momentum, Direction, and Divergence by William Blau

    Mind over Markets by Jones and the Daltons

    Profits in the Stock Market by H.M. Gartley

    The Harmonic Trader by Scott Carney

    And Lastly: Trader Vic: Methods of a Wall Street Master versus Trader Vic II: Principles of Professional Speculation

    Thanks for the help!

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    I would go with daltons book.
  3. What makes you say that?

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  5. My university library does not have these books. I appreciate the suggestion, but I'm far past that stage.

    Edit: I actually hadn't checked the library site for two of the books until now, and they do have Trader Vic's Methods of a Wall Street Master. I will check it out. Thanks :)
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    check if your campus library has access to worldcat, you can get books from other places.

    trader vic's first book is mainly stuff you'll know, but the "2B" is the key takeaway from the book.

    gartley's book has been available on the net somewhere... the key takeaway is page 222, here's another author's (busted trading fund, as well, i think?) article on it:
  7. Personally I consider Mind Over Markets a must read.

    Anything that encourages a trader to even think of profiling price behavior in a market context is a prereq to success....
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    change VA to your state code
  9. I am familiar with the 2B and 1-2-3 patterns found in at least the Vic books as described here:

    I am also semi-familiar with the Butterfly (and Bat, Crab, and Dragon) patterns from a few online sources as well as "Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros" by Suri Duddella.

    As for mind over markets, I see from a review on amazon that it covers market profile? I currently have only taken a few brief looks at the strategy, but I do have the CBOT Market Profile Handbook as well as other materials suggested here:

    Do you think I should get any of the books in order to extend my knowledge on the 2B or 1-2-3, Gartley, etc.? I will likely finish the CBOT book before moving on in market profile (I have since focused more on patterns, but I plan on going back to it soon).

    I have tried to look at the google book reviews on Gartley's book and Trader Vic's books, but of course it doesn't let you review the good parts.

    Are there any other books you would suggest to me as well?

    I appreciate all the help,

  10. I did send a message to my college adviser (apparently library itself doesn't have email help I guess) asking if they have access to the worldcat program, but I don't expect to hear back for a bit.
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