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  1. I have been trading for about 6 years now. My learning curve flattened out many years ago. Since then many things have changed including the market. I would like to find a firm that will actually extend my learning curve. Are there any prop firms or any other organizations that will train experienced traders advanced techniques or complicated strategies. I'm not talking about some advanced 5 day class, but actually hands on training. Before, trading meant the world to me, and lately it's just a job. I'm hungry for knowledge, I believe there is so much more to learn out there, unfortunatelly not smart enough to do it on my own. I would appreciate any suggestions, willing to relocate.
  2. I'm more inclined to steepen my learning curve on the job, be it a prop firm, equities, futures or other financial products, or any other financial institution. I already have a BS in Finance, that degree has not helped me make money in any way!
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    Which college did you go? I want to know to stear clear of it!
  4. The statement about college, I meant I did not make any money in the markets from my degree.
  5. since the market is constantly changing and evolving, seems to me the biggest challange is being able to recognize those changes and nuances very quickly on and quickly prepare to capitalize on them. On the other hand, we humans tend to repeat the same behavior over and over again, strengths and weakness. You have to constantly work on the later, and that is an issue only YOU can do.
  6. I agree completely, the biggest challenge for me is adapting, which I do at my own pace. Maybe I'm asking for the impossible? A firm out there to take you on to teach you and then make commissions on you, or profit sharing? Are there any firms like that? Maybe the answer is NO.
  7. It is interesting....the biggest prop firm out there was the biggest on teaching, on meetings, on trainers, on monitoring. They thought when the bear came, it could be traded as a mirror image of the bull, but they didn't realize it was a completely different animal. Now the prop division has been almost cut in half and the struggle continues. They just couldn't adapt. I think you have to be very Zen like in have to be your own best teacher. Keep learning, keep digging, keep working on yourself, keep open to ideas but above all listen to yourself. BE THE BEST TAPE READER YOU CAN BE.
  8. Well ofcourse I'm the best I can possibly be. What I'm saying, for it's not enough, I need more knowledge than I can provide for myself.
  9. Do u currently trade alone? We all need more knowledge....but how to get it? Maybe you just need to be around or incontact with more traders to bounce ideas off of. Don't forget they might get great ideas from you too!
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