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  1. Deoes anybody use E-Signal's advanced GET for trading Forex? Anybody been to any of their [expensive] seminars on Advanced GET?
  2. Oh yeah, I'm making a killing everyday thanks to advancedGET!

    It predicts today's close, tomorrow's open/close. As far out as a whole week!

    It's worth every penny!

  3. What markets/timeframes do you trade? Do you have any complaints ie what are the shortcomings of this software? What are its strengths and limitations?
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    I think risk is pulling your crank there. I demo'd it a long time ago and didn't think it was anything super, but as with anything possibly with training and effort on your part you may get something out of it. I'd demo and get as much training as possible before shelling out any cash.
  5. Its weaknesses? EW, of course.
  6. Figured. I'm new to this site so I'm just trying to weed out the worthless oarticipants.
  7. Dude! Worthless?

    What do you expect when you ask a dumb question about a piece of bs software that purports to be so ''predictive''?

    It's not the software or the seminars that'l make you any money.

    Get a clue!

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    The strength of Advanced GET is that it guides you to playing for 2 important things: (1) swing-type plays, and (2) entering close to change-of-direction points with reasonably small stops.

    Even if it's only 50% accurate, the R/R is good for its plays and should make a user money.
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