ADVANCED GET RT manual for sale

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    bumping up one last time...
  4. Why such a big surcharge
  5. Gann-Elliot-Trader = GET.

    A creation of Tom Joseph, former engineer for oil companies, I beleive. I attended one of his very early seminars and saw his work back in the late '80's. How he rose to prominance I'll never know.

    Some of the very worst traders I've seen, as a group, are engineers and doctors.
  6. Why? I can only guess, but engineers think in terms of math - the market is created by human emotion and is not mathematical except by coincidence.

    Docs, well, aside from giant egos they generally have underdevolped social skills as a group, which means they don't understand people as well as they think (and markets are created by the emotions, and sometimes, but rarely, the rational thoughts of people) despite dealing with patients, and also tend to think in terms of natural science.

    Many people successful in some profession - engineering, medicine, law, etc - think they shuold naturally be good at trading, but trading requires a very different mind and skill set.

    Many of the best traders I saw when I was on the floor were former athletes. They're competitive and don't over-think things.

    Oh...and I attended medical school also - U.S. MD program...but was a competitve athlete in three sports as well, so maybe that acts as a balance...
  7. I have the program and it works good for elliott wave counting. You have to know ahead of time what it will take for a count to change . But great when scanning alot of charts . Works with esignal .
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    Boy, just got to love those generalizations. Have BS/MS mech engineering degrees and played two D1 sports. Successful investor/trader. Engineers that I know to be successful in financial markets are so because they are cold and calculated when making quick decisions, similar to the daily grind at a large engineering firm. Able to remove emotion from equation and are often good at interpreting/executing complicated strategies.

    Everyone has their own views of course...mine is that from what I have seen, best traders are good poker/card players and keep it KISS.
  9. I agree with yuo - this was a generalization. Yuo'll notice I said, " a group..." Not picking on anyone, just my experience of 20+ years, on and off, in many different aspects of the business.

    The main reason I even bothered to comment in this thread was simply that having seen GET in its earlier versions, it's amazing to me that it's developed such a following. Even eSignal has this unweildy thing. I guess I just don't stay abreast of all the TA stuff anymore.

    Think yuo're absolutely right about the card/poker players, too, and the KISS notion!
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