Advanced GET EOD and the Elliot Wave

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Achartist, Nov 16, 2005.

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    Hi Elite Traders,
    I would like to set this tread up for people who use Advanced GET EOD software and would like to discuss the Elliot Wave and its principles. It should also be a thread to discuss how Advanced GET EOD S/W is fine tuned to be a stock selection tool. It is NOT for forumities to discuss how to place option trades and harasses the group; please use you’re many other threads to do that.
    I have install Advanced Get (EOD) Version 7.8 Build 420 stand alone software and use free Yahoo EOD data. I am an intermediate to advanced user and would like to take the next step to the Guru level. So your help is needed and will be appreciated. If I can help other Elite Traders with aget EOD, I will.
    To open this thread with a question on the Indicator/Studies tool bar is one called Money Flow 7, since it is based around the positive and negative fifty base line, it implies it’s money direction of strength is into and out of the stock. aget data is OHLC and volume data and no TICK or TRIN data source.
    How is Money flow 7 calculated?
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    Risktaker you need to read the advertising correctly. It’s eSignal that is enjoying the “Better Life” because if you were to use them they would be sucking you dry of money.:(
    The original Advanced GET (EOD) was developed by Tom Joseph CEO of Trading Techniques, Inc. They were bought out by eSignal just to get hold of the name, patent and license for use. They now call it Advanced GET (RT – Real Time) and runs off the web locking you into using their service. That would make you dirt Poor now you see its eSignal that’s enjoying the better life.:confused:
    I purchased my S/W from Optionetics who were co sponsoring Advanced GET (EOD) with Trading Techniques, Inc. That just makes me poor!!! :mad:
    ESignal have not upgraded the EOD version and the majority of information you see on eSignal referees to the RT version.:mad: :mad:
    The reason for this thread is because no one has posted to the eSignal EOD threat for 45 days. I figured there has to be some AGET EOD users on ET.:(
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    properly none.
  4. I wanted to know if you're an advancedGet or eSignal shill. Doesn't sound like you are. :p

    As for EOD Elliot Waves? It's an illusion. Try using other stuff instead. You'll probably do better. Elliot wave fools you into thinking you can predict the market but when you're in trading range for 1-2 years there's no way to trade those methods and expect to make a profit. Yeah, you're always going to have winners but the problem is you'll have even more losers.

    Good luck.

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    I don't think you'll be able to find the algorithm, since most (or maybe all) of AGet studies are proprietary. That's why they can charge so much for it. There's a user named Wallace, he has AGet eod version and he's very knowledgeable. Try contacting him.