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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by destined, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. destined


    Does anyone here us AF?
    How do you like AF?
  2. I've been with them for 16 months and have received excellent treatment. AF, X_TRADER (platform) and GHCO (clearing firm) is a highly professional combination.
  3. destined


    Thanks Sub
  4. Boomer


    for those that have used j-trader, how have you liked it? when do you think it is wise to upgrade to x-trader from something like tws or j-trader?
  5. How much does Advanced Futures charge for a data feed for J Trader? Or do I have to buy it seperately? If so what feeds does J Trader use?

  6. The data feed is part of J-Trader. No added expense.
  7. boomer, there are three platforms I know of that give you the vertical market depth order entry. X-Trader, J-Traders(DOME), and the new Tradestation Matrix. I wouldn't say that anyone is better than the other. I personally don't like the vertical order entry and prefer TWS or J-traders regular order entry. X-trader only has the market depth entry I believe. Supposedly the reason X-Trader is used is because of its connection capabilities and spread features. I would like to try this new Matrix in TS. I use TWS know and have no need for anything else though.